Trade Binary Options with MetaTrader 4 and 5

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Trade Binary Options with MetaTrader 4 and 5

Trade Binary Options based on MetaTrader Indicators 

Using a successful Forex Scalping Strategy like Agimat FX® iQ for Binary Option would be pretty much awesome. Right? But now, technically speaking, how to get Agimat FX® iQ Signals from MetaTrader into your Binary Options Broker, like IQ Options, for example?

Well, there is a solution to that. And, it is the only one in the market that really works with connection issues, weird VPS requirements etc., and a very easy-to-follow setup.

MT2Trading will connect Agimat FX® iQ with your favourite Binary Options Broker.


Simply install MT2Trading Connector to create a powerful bridge between Metatrader and your Binary Options Broker. On Your MetaTrader chart, you will be able to configure any trade expiration you wish. What about 3 minutes or 4 minutes, or 7? Up to you! Also, the trade amount can be selected as you want. Invest 1 USD or 225 USD, that is your choice!  

How to copy Agimat FX® iQ MetaTrader Signals into your Binary Options Broker?

Watch the video below for more details.

This is an epic feature to take the Best Forex Scalping Strategy Agimat FX® iQ to another level.




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