Secret Sauce Agimat FX iQ Price Grid

Dennis Buchholz

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Secret Sauce Agimat FX iQ Price Grid

I have completely re-designed the Agimat FX® Price Grid™. But it did not end with a new user-friendly design and stunning new features.

The code had to be compatible with ATCA-01, the mainframe that runs purely on Python and not the common MQL programming language. The Price Grid needed a re-coding.

To make my new Forex Scalping System Agimat FX® FX iQ nearly 100% accurate, I had to implement the new Price Grid™. Instead of having some psychological lines, the Agimat FX® Price Grid™ will draw the daily open on your chart in the first place.

The daily-open price is a super strong element throughout the whole trading day.

After the system has established the daily open on your chart, eight additional price levels will be created. Have a look below at the chart sample.

But, on what are those eight price levels based, Dennis? Well, we need to clarify that it stays within my company. But I can tell you the Price Grid™ does not present Fibonacci or any other known channels.

The Price Grid™ needs to be used with the Agimat FX® iQ Future Prediction Module and Micro Trend Arrow. If everything lines up, you will see on which Price Grid™ line the Forex price gets rejected to enter a buy or sell.

Agimat FX iQ Price Grid Sample Trade

After several weeks of trial and evaluation, the results are jaw-dropping.

Agimat FX iQ Price Grid Sample

As you can see on those two chart samples, the Price Grid™ plays a major part in determining the accuracy of Agimat FX® iQ in combination with our Forex Future prediction module.

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