Reversal Arrow showing Micro Trends on M5

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Reversal Arrow showing Micro Trends on M5

Agimat FX® iQ Forex Swing Indicator

Of course, you want to know at what point the Forex price will reverse to have a drawdown as low as possible. Right?! But let me clear out something important first. You always will have a small drawdown after opening your trade.

That is because of your spread, the difference between the bid and ask price. You need to understand that. Executing a trade without a drawdown is kinda a fairytale.

You are in need of a Forex Broker with a low spread for major pairs like EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY etc. Here is your solution, the lowest spread forex brokers. Using one of those brokers in conjunction with Agimat FX® iQ will extremely reduce the drawdown.

Use Agimat FX® iQ to avoid mistakes and trading against the price.

Ok, I think it would be best to show you two examples, buy and sell. So you can clearly visualize what I am talking about. Please remember, the micro trend arrow indicator is part of the Agimat FX® iQ Forex Scalping Systems and works within the 5-minute time frame. 

Bearish (sell) and Bullish (buy) sample
Agimat FX iQ Reversal Arrow

Once the Forex price gets rejected on the Agimat FX® iQ Price Grid™, a micro trend reversal will likely form and the micro trend arrow confirmation will appear.

Then you have already two verifications needed (rejection on the Price Grid™ and micro trend arrow) to enter a sell or buy scalping trade if the future prediction module has pointed in the same direction. Here is some detailed information on the Agimat FX® iQ Forex Future Prediction Module.

It is very important for you to understand that you need to use the Agimat FX® iQ components as a system because they are modified and adjusted to work together perfectly.

I needed many weeks of calibration to find the harmony between the elements of Agimat FX® iQ which resulted in almost 100% accuracy.

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