Hi, I am Dennis...

I believe there is a better way of trading Forex. A more beneficial and less tense way of performing Forex scalping. I am obsessively passionate about it, and my mission is to help people gain financial freedom using Agimat FX® iQ. I focus on AI Neural Network developments using the MetaTrader package for Python. A modern high-level programming language able to incorporate Machine Learning models. My most advanced neural network is capable of making 370 decisions simultaneously for each connected currency pair. Therefore I can guarantee an extremely high accuracy of Agimat FX® iQ

I am excited to simplify Forex scalping for everyone and disrupt the Forex retail trading industry with my inventions.

Make Your Forex Trading Better.

Agimat FX iQ

Forex Future Prediction Trading System for MetaTrader powered by AI Neural Networks. Build with MetaTrader Package for Python.

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